Immigrant Students Rally For In-state Tuition in Massachusetts

"Immigrant students illegally living in Massachusetts are lobbying for access to in-state tuition rates at public universities and colleges," the Falmouth Bulletin reports.

"'I think it’s a matter of fundamental fairness,' said state Rep. Denise Provost, D-Somerville. 'Why would we want to waste that human potential?'

Provost has sponsored or supported legislation for in-state tuition rates each term she’s held office. A similar proposal was defeated shortly before she was sworn into office in 2006. Each subsequent bill on the matter has failed to make it out of committee.

Carlos Rojas Alvarez, campaign coordinator for the Student Immigrant Movement, said greater access to higher education would give undocumented immigrant youth a greater chance to contribute to U.S. society.

'Even with in-state tuition rates, it’s still incredibly difficult to enroll in college,' he said. 'Even not having to pay two to four times the amount, without any financial aid, it’s impossible for a lot of young people.'"

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Publication Date: 2/3/2015

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