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Inceptia. SAP Advisor is a fully automated online solution that provides students, faculty and the financial aid staff with tools to effectively manage Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals quickly and seamlessly. SAP Advisor increases efficiency and empowers students to actively engage which improves the opportunity for successful outcomes. Visit to learn more.


 Off the Cuff

This week on "Off The Cuff," Allie, Megan, and Stephen share the highlights from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's latest appearance on Capitol Hill with the House Committee on Education and Labor, where lawmakers questioned her on a plethora of topics related to higher education policy. Stephen updates the group on issues with a provision from the budget package that was intended to grant loan deferment to borrowers undergoing cancer treatment, and how implementation has stalled due to a lack of guidance. Stephen also dives into the latest with current budget negotiations, sharing that the spending bill focused on education may be first up for consideration. Plus, Megan walks us through a piece of legislation that was reintroduced recently that would require a standard financial aid award letter.

Last week, both Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) introduced The Pell Flexibility Act of 2019, companion bills aimed at allowing the Pell Grant to be used by students enrolled in short-term skill-based programs on a pilot basis. NASFAA has signed on in support of this bill.


Please join us in congratulating Carrie Short, who will start a new position as the director of financial services at Lorain County Community College, Theodore Malone, who was awarded the Lifetime Membership Award by WASFAA at the 50th WASFAA Conference in June, and Ashley Richardson, who was promoted from financial aid advisor to assistant director of financial aid at St. Louis College of Health Careers. Learn more about other colleagues' accomplishments, recognitions, and achievements, and submit your own, on our Movers and Shakers page.


If the parents filed separately with one U.S. tax return and one foreign tax return, you need information from both tax returns to complete verification—just as you would for two individuals who filed separate U.S. tax returns. In this scenario, you will need a copy of the mother's IRS Tax Return Transcript or a signed copy of her U.S. tax return. You will also need a copy of the father's foreign tax return transcript or a signed copy of his foreign tax return. View the full answer to this question to learn more and search for answers to your other pressing regulatory and compliance questions, in NASFAA's AskRegs Knowledgebase.

For more than two decades, NASFAA has conducted benchmarking surveys about financial aid administrators and financial aid offices to produce a report on the earnings of individuals with similar characteristics. Data from the surveys also helps create the Staffing Model, a calculation which allows you to compare your staff size to similar institutions and get an analysis of where you stand. Head to our Tools & Resources page to check out the latest Benchmarking Report and updated Staffing Model. Already familiar with our Benchmarking Report and Staffing Model? Use #NASFAAFeaturedResource on your favorite social media site and tell us why these are a valuable part of your NASFAA membership.

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