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ProEducation Solutions. ProVerify is an automated verification solution that retrieves electronic tax data directly from the IRS within 72 hours of completing an e-Signed IRS Form 4506-T. Students and their parents do not have to obtain a tax transcript from the IRS. We do it for them. Want to see a live demo? Schedule a demo today!

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If you were unable to join us for the May 15, 2019, Consumer Information Highlights: What? When? Who? webinar, you can now order the on-demand webinar. You'll have full access to the webinar archive and handout, as well as access to the Most Frequently Asked Questions document compiled from questions submitted by attendees during the live webcast. If you attended the live event, you can still use your registration link to access the on-demand event and FAQ document. Order today.

The Department of Education does not dictate the format of the consortium agreement (which can be executed by several different offices). However, all agreements must list the school that will grant the degree or certificate, the student's tuition, fees, and room and board costs at each school, the student's enrollment status at each school, the school that will be responsible for disbursing aid and monitoring student eligibility, and the procedures for calculating awards, disbursing aid, monitoring satisfactory progress and other student eligibility requirements, keeping records, and returning funds when the student withdraws. Head to NASFAA's Member-Generated Content Library to see samples of consortium agreements provided by your peers and to get ideas for your own form.

Ready to grow your leadership skills? Check out "You're the Director: A Guide to Leadership in Student Financial Aid (Second Edition)." Want a seat at the table during important discussions? Pick up a copy of "Pathways to Enrollment Management: A Financial Aid Perspective." Looking to gain a more holistic view of the financial aid profession? "The Art and Science of Student Aid Administration in the 21st Century" is the one for you; net profits of this book benefit the Dallas Martin Fund for Education in Public Policy and Student Aid. Learn more about NASFAA books.





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