Standards of Excellence Review Team

Team Leaders

Phil AsburyPhil Asbury

Phil has worked in the financial aid profession since 1991 and has been at the level of director since 1998. He has been a NASFAA peer reviewer almost from the start of the program having begun in the year 2000. His extensive background includes a broad range of skills and institutions. He has worked at a small, selective, high-cost private institution, a regional public university, a large flagship public university, and currently at a large, nationally ranked private institution. He has been heavily involved in the implementation of the two most prevalent Student Information Systems. He has implemented regulations relating to reauthorizations, has been involved in the negotiated rulemaking process established by Congress, and has conducted many presentations locally and nationally related to the financial aid profession.

Vickie CrupperVickie Crupper

Vickie has served in the financial aid profession since 1982. She functioned as the director of student aid at two private institutions prior to joining the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid in the '90s, where she is the associate director for client services and oversees scholarship and athletic aid, student employment, outreach and the counseling/processing units. Vickie has been active in the Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA), where she served as president, secretary, and committee chair for several committees and with NASFAA as a member of the Board of Directors, SOE team lead/team reviewer, and chair of the Leadership Institute. She also served on the College Board’s Financial Aid Standards and Services Advisory Committee (FASSAC) and with the TRIO programs’ education equal opportunity professional organizations. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information

Sarah EverittSarah Everitt

Assessment Leader | Sarah has worked in financial aid since 2006. She started her career in the financial aid office at a community college. She is currently the director of financial aid operations at Gonzaga University, a 4-year private school in Spokane, Washington. With a knack for problem solving, she has a track record of leveraging technology to improve processes and service to students. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Application Process, Consumer Information, Cost of Attendance, Gainful Employment, Need Analysis, Professional Judgement, Return of Title IV Funds, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Student Eligibility, Verification

Pamela FowlerPamela Fowler

Pam Fowler is the Executive Director of Financial Aid at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, and is a former NASFAA National Chair and Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) president. Pam has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in financial aid administration, having also served in senior financial aid management at Eastern Michigan University, the University of Missouri – St. Louis, and Ivy Tech State College. She is the recipient of multiple awards at the state, regional, and national levels, has been active in a wide range of advocacy roles, and has published several articles in the NASFAA Student Aid Transcript. She also authored a chapter in the book “So You’re the Director” published by NASFAA. She has also been an active member of the College Board, the Higher Education Loan Coalition, former national chair of the Coalition of State University Aid Administrators, and has served as a trainer and a negotiator for the U.S. Department of Education.

Pam brings a passion for the support of need-based financial aid, and has an inclusive outlook in her service to NASFAA as she tours the various regions and identifies ways to support various types of institutions in managing the administration of financial aid. NASFAA U Credential: Administrative Capability

Chuck KnepfleChuck Knepfle

Chuck Knepfle is the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management at Clemson University, with responsibility for Admissions, the Registrar's Office and Student Financial Aid. Before this role he served fourteen years as a Director of Financial Aid at both Clemson University and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Chuck's national involvement includes participating in numerous NASFAA committees and task forces, having chaired the Loan Indebtedness Task Force in 2012. He has been involved with the National Direct Student Loan Coalition since 2005, served Negotiated Rulemaker in 2014, and is on the Board of Trustees for SACSCOC. Chuck's involvement with the Standards of Excellence program dates back to 2004 and he has participated in over 30 reviews in that time period, serving primarily as team lead since 2008.

Doug LevyDoug Levy

Doug Levy is director of financial aid at Macomb Community College, which serves 35,000 students and is the largest community college in Michigan. Prior to joining Macomb in April 2011, he held various leadership positions at the University of Michigan for 23 years, the last 14 years as associate director in the financial aid office. As an active member of the financial aid community, Doug has participated in over 40 NASFAA Standards of Excellence peer reviews and has been recognized nationally for his expertise both in effective leveraging of technology and process improvement/efficiency in the financial aid office. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information, Gainful Employment

Tim OpgenorthTim Opgenorth

Tim Opgenorth is currently the director of financial aid at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has over 25 years of experience working in admissions and financial aid in higher education-- 16 of which have been as a director of financial aid. He has worked at both public and private institutions, including Carroll University in Wisconsin, American University in the District of Columbia, Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois at Chicago and now the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Tim has been a peer reviewer for NASFAA's Standards of Excellence Program since 2004 and has visited over 30 institutions across the country.

Myrna PerkinsMyrna Perkins

Myrna Perkins is the chief accreditation officer/director of financial aid at Barton Community College in Kansas. She has been in financial aid for 25 years, and in the capacity of director for 18 years. As a peer reviewer for NASFAA’s SOE program, Myrna has participated in over 50 peer reviews across the nation and at every type of institution, serving as team lead for many of the reviews. Areas of expertise include: student consumer information, accreditation/program issues, and systems improvement. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information, Gainful Employment

Jim WhiteJim White

Jim currently serves as dean of student financial Services at Gonzaga University (GU), supervising financial aid, student accounts, and student employment. Prior to GU he worked for Seattle University for 22 years as the associate provost for enrollment management, director of student financial services, and director of financial aid and student employment.  Jim received his bachelor’s degree from The Catholic University of America and has a master’s degree in education administration from Seattle University. He has been very active in the profession serving as the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WASFAA) president and the Washington Financial Aid Association (WFAA) president, in addition to serving on NASFAA regional and state committees.  NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Need Analysis

Peer Reviewers

Brad BarnettBrad Barnett

Assessment Leader | Brad Barnett, an accredited financial counselor and certified personal financial manager, is the financial aid director at James Madison University. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial aid profession, Brad has been active in state, regional, and national financial aid associations as a presenter, committee member/chair, and elected officer. A past president of the Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (VASFAA) and the Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (SASFAA), he has also served on NASFAA’s Financial Affairs Committee, as conference chair, as NASFAA Treasurer, and as an SOE reviewer. Brad has received the VAFSAA Excellence Award, NASFAA Regional Leadership Award, and SASFAA Distinguished Service Award.  He also teaches personal finance courses at JMU and provides financial counseling services on a professional basis outside of his role at JMU. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information, Need Analysis, Professional Judgment

Steve BookerSteve Booker

Steve Booker, who joined Rollins College in 2008 as the director of financial aid, has nearly 20 years of higher education experience from 5 different colleges including Butler University, Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), Rockford College, University of Indianapolis, and Rollins. Steve received his B.A. in business management from Rockford College and his M.B.A from Rollins College. Experienced in Banner and PeopleSoft at both private and public universities, Steve is very familiar with technology as it relates specifically to financial aid and the interactions across campus. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information

Dr. Charles BoudreauDr. Charles Boudreau

Dr. Charles Boudreau has worked in financial aid for over 30 years at a variety of institutions including two community colleges and large and mid-size universities. He has been the director of student financial aid services at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL since 2007. At his current and prior institutions, Dr. Boudreau has made improvements in both customer service and systems development. He has presented at state and national financial aid conferences and has published articles in professional journals related to student retention and enrollment management. 

Jim BrooksJim Brooks

Jim Brooks is the assistant vice president for enrollment management and director of student financial aid and scholarships. His organization is responsible for the administration of federal, state, institution and foundation funds to University of Oregon (UO) students. It also serves as a clearinghouse for funds awarded from private organizations. Altogether, approximately $235 million in financial aid is processed each year. The office also provides financial aid counseling services to UO constituents as well as prospective students and their families. He has served on NASFAA’s Board of Directors for three years and previously served as president and treasurer of the Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA). He serves as an SOE reviewer, assisting aid offices in their compliance efforts. He has served on committees at the national, regional, and state levels, and presented at conferences on all of these levels. During his time at the UO, Jim has increased counseling availability by implementing a call center for use during high traffic times of the year, expanded the use of technology to improve accuracy of processing and to free up staff time to better serve students, and increased outreach activities. NASFAA U Credentials: Need Analysis, Administrative Capability

Louisa DianaLouisa Diana

Louisa's dedication to helping students and families afford the college dream began over 24 years ago when she accepted a federal work-study position in the financial aid department her freshman year of college. Now, as an associate director of financial aid, she administers the federal and institutional loan programs as well as the Federal TEACH Grant program at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. NASFAA U Credential: Consumer Information

Mark DiestlerMark Diestler

Assessment Leader | Mark has worked in the financial aid profession for over 15 years.  He is currently the Senior Associate Director of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at the University of Oregon (UO). Prior to joining UO, Mark served as an Institutional Review Specialist (aka “Program Reviewer”) and Eligibility Analyst for the U.S. Department of Education. During that time he conducted numerous program reviews of all types of institutions and provided a great deal of guidance and determinations to schools regarding eligibility actions. He has worked in the public and private non-profit sectors but is also very familiar with the proprietary sector. Since beginning work at UO in 2013, Mark has been very active in state, regional, and national associations; where he has served in a wide range of roles including serving as President of his state association. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Cash Management, Consumer Information, Gainful Employment, Return of Title IV Funds

Melissa IbanezMelissa Ibanez

Melissa is associate vice president for enrollment management at University of Pittsburgh at Bradford (UPB). Additionally, she serves as director of financial aid and the certifying veterans affairs official at both University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and University of Pittsburgh at Titusville (UPT). Melissa has worked for UPB for 18 years and UPT for six years. Prior to that, Melissa worked as assistant director and then director of financial aid at Syracuse University College of Law. Melissa received a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance and her Master of Business Administration from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. In addition to having done Standards of Excellence reviews since 2005, Melissa is very active in training opportunities within her state and regional associations. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information, Gainful Employment

Betsy JohnsonBetsy Johnson

Assessment Leader | Betsy Johnson has been an SOE reviewer since she had one completed at her school in 2005. Betsy has worked in financial aid since 1997, working at Central Ohio Technical College/Ohio State University – Newark for 3 years and at Owens Community College in Ohio from 2000-2016. At Owens, she was director of financial aid for over 10 years and also served as the vice president of enrollment management, student services and marketing. Betsy started as the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Bowling Green State University in 2016. Betsy received her Ph.D. in higher education administration from the University of Toledo in 2012. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability,  Cash Management, Consumer Information, Gainful Employment, Student Eligibility

Tiffany MageeTiffany Magee

Tiffany Magee is a graduate of Southern University at New Orleans. She received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She currently serves as system director of financial aid - compliance at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas. Guided by her belief that one of the keys to achieving success in life is through post-secondary education, Tiffany takes part in a variety of community service opportunities that allow her to help mentor high school students as they maneuver through the maze of the college processes. Tiffany has completed over 25 peer reviews since starting with the Standards of Excellence program. Tiffany has 15 years in financial aid and 16 years in higher education. She has a thorough understanding of every aspect of financial aid in a modern setting. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information

Ted MaloneTed Malone

Ted Malone is recognized leader in the Financial Aid Profession. Ted’s career began in 1986 in a one person office at his alma mater and has included stops at private 4-year schools, Community Colleges, 4-year urban open-enrollment University and at a large Research 1 institution. Ted is currently leading a staff of 42 at Purdue University and administers over $550 million per year in all aid programs. He serves on several standing committees at the University. Ted has served in professional organizations at all levels. He has been president of two state associations (Alaska and Arizona), served as vice president and 2 terms as president of the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WASFAA). As WASFAA president he also served as a member of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Board of Directors. Ted is committed to training and teaching. He served as faculty on the WASFAA Summer Institute for three years and was the Lead Instructor/Committee Chair one year. He has presented at 10 different state association meetings, two regional associations, and also at the NASFAA conference. Ted was involved in early development of the FAFSA on the Web and the FSA Coach program. Since the creation and implementation of the Back a Boiler ISA program he has become, by default, one of the leading national experts on the subject of Income Share Agreements. NASFAA U CredentialsAdministrative Capability, Campus-Based Programs, Cash Management, Consumer Information, Gainful Employment, Professional Judgment

Cristi MillardCristi Millard

Cristi Millard is director of financial aid at Salt Lake Community College, a position she has held for over 10 years. She has spent more than 30 years in the financial aid field, starting as a front desk employee and moving up through the ranks. She has served in her state and region, on many NASFAA committees, and on NASFAA’s Board of Directors. She has presented at state, regional and the national conferences on subjects such as consumer information, employee training, and gainful employment. She has been an SOE peer reviewer for three years. NASFAA U Credentials: Gainful Employment, Verification

Marie MonsMarie Mons

Early in her career Marie served at a small private college and a proprietary career school, but she has spent the last 29 years at two large public universities. In 1994, she accepted the role of associate director of financial aid at Georgia Tech where she also served as one of the institute's BANNER implementation leaders. Promoted to director in 2002, Marie has served under two different presidents - both champions of access and diversity- who helped the office to successfully partner with the development and stewardship teams to raise awareness and endowment support to help financially needy students.  

Natalia MorisseauNatalia Morisseau

Natalia is the assistant provost and director for the office of financial aid at Rutgers University-Newark (Newark, New Jersey). She has worked in higher education administering student financial aid for over 19 years. She continues to be actively involved in numerous local community outreach programs. Her ability to think outside of conventional methods aided her in writing and being awarded the NJ College Access Challenge Grant administrated by the New Jersey Higher Student Assistance Authority. Using grant resources, she worked with high schools in several nearby counties and community organizations to develop and implement a “Financial Aid 101” workshop. Her outreach efforts were focused on a target audience of multicultural, first-generation and disadvantaged youth.

Alison RabilAlison Rabil

Assessment Leader | Alison became Duke University's assistant vice provost and director of financial aid in 2008. Prior to this position, she was the director of financial aid at Barnard College from 2005-2008. Rabil assumed her position at Barnard after serving previously as director of Columbia University's office of student financial planning. She has also held positions at the University of Washington and Common Cents New York, a nonprofit organization that manages service-learning programs for young people. Earlier in her career, she held financial aid positions at Columbia's graduate school and law school. Rabil received her bachelor's degree from Barnard and three advanced degrees from Columbia University, including a doctorate of education. NASFAA U Credentials: Administrative Capability, Consumer Information

Morgan Ramsey DanielMorgan Ramsey Daniel

Morgan has worked in Financial Aid since 2005. She began her work with scholarship programs, but her strong problem-solving skills quickly changed her focus to leveraging systems and technology to improve the student experience. She currently serves as the associate director for operations at the University of Oregon. There, she strives to reduce staff workloads by increasing automation and simplifying processing. Additionally, Morgan serves as the chair of the financial aid community source initiative for ellucian and has been an SOE peer reviewer since 2016.

Karen SmithKaren Smith

Karen began her financial aid career at Clark County Community College in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she served as work-study coordinator. Since then, she has worked at the University of Memphis since 1987 where she currently serves as the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Her areas of expertise include financial aid table set up, rules, popsels, processes, and report writing. She is also responsible for compliance-related tasks, such as completion of the FISAP, ECAR, SAIG enrollment, working with state and other agency audits, and reconciling state and federal aid programs. She also has served on numerous process improvement teams working with staff and faculty from other areas on campus.

Virginia WashingtonVirginia Washington

"Ginny" is assistant director of loan processing at the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. She holds a master’s degree from Indiana University- Indianapolis in College Student Personnel Administration and a bachelor’s from the Purdue University- Indianapolis School of Engineering and Technology in Supervision. Certificate in Labor Studies for Purdue University Indianapolis, and Associate Degree in Food Service and Lodging, Purdue University, Indianapolis.

She began her career in financial aid as college work-study student at IUPUI in 1975. Since then, she has worked in the financial aid profession as a counselor, supervisor, director and trainer. Ginny is an active member in the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association (ISFAA), Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) and NASFAA, currently serving on the SOE review team.

Kirk YatsKirk Yats

Kirk is the director of the office of scholarships and financial aid at Central Michigan University (CMU), where he leads an operation that administers over $300 million annually in student financial aid. Prior to joining CMU in October 1989, Kirk served as director of financial aid at Mid-Michigan Community College and has over 26 years of experience in the financial aid profession. Over the years, he has been active in state, regional, and national professional associations.

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