Register for Selective Service

If you're a male over the age of 18 and looking to apply for federal financial aid, you are required to register with Selective Service. Virtually all men living in the United States and U.S. citizens living abroad are required by law to register at the age of 18 with Selective Service.


In the event of a national emergency, all men ages 18-25 registered in the Selective Service database may be called to join the U.S. Armed Forces. Failure to register for Selective Services law could harm your eligibility for federal student loans and grant programs, job training and employment. For male non-citizens who take up residency in the United States, you must register with Selective Service before your 26th birthday. The process of registering for Selective Service does not require information that would indicate whether you are undocumented non-citizen.

Young men can register in a number of ways: 

  • Register online at 
  • Go to the U.S. Post Office and ask for a Selective Service "mail-back" registration form, fill it out, sign it, affix postage and mail it to Selective Service. If you do not have a Social Security number, you can leave that portion of the form blank. If you later obtain a Social Security number, you are required to provide that information to Selective Service.
  • If you are filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, you can register by selecting box No. 22 that says "Register Me." 
  • If you are in high school, your school may have a teacher appointed Selective Service Registrar who is authorized to register you for Selective Service.