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Today's News for Tuesday, April 22, 2014 
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For nearly 30 years, Inceptia/NSLP has been developing and providing solutions schools need to help their students succeed. We have worked with over two million students and 5,500 schools, providing services including financial education and default prevention services. As a non-profit our focus is helping students, their families, and institutions.


NASFAA Member Data Not Impacted By Heartbleed Bug

News broke recently of a wide-reaching security vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug. Heartbleed affects OpenSSL, used by a majority of the web to securely send data. In short, NASFAA member data is safe from Heartbleed.

NASFAA’s Standards Of Excellence Review Program Is Accepting Applications

The Standards of Excellence (SOE) Review Program is currently accepting applications for institutional reviews for the 2013-14 academic year. Simply complete the online form and the SOE administrator will contact you with a no-obligation cost estimate, as well as answer any questions you have about the program. For more information, including the many benefits of an SOE review, please visit the website, hear about the process from a peer review team leader, or contact the program administrator at

Available On Demand: What Is Conflicting Information and How Do You Resolve It?

This webinar focuses on sources of conflicting information for institutions, including but not limited to high school completion requirements, prior enrollment history, initial and subsequent Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs), tax documents, and receipt of non-Title IV aid. Participants will learn how other campuses have implemented procedures to identify and resolve various sources of conflicting information. The webinar is $115 for members, $230 for non-members, and no additional fee for webinar package purchasers. The webinar will be available on demand until May 19, 2014.

Willing To Do Financial Aid Nights At Local High Schools?

If you have significant financial aid experience and enjoy sharing your wisdom with others, volunteer your services using NASFAA's online Speaker and Mentor Directory. Simply log in to your myNASFAA profile, scroll down to click “Edit,” navigate to the Demographic Information tab, and scroll down to the “Speaker/Mentor Directory Listing.” Once you complete your profile, your information will be saved in the NASFAA database and you can update it any time. Users can search for a) mentors to financial aid administrators, b) mentors to high school guidance counselors, c) speakers for financial aid meetings or training events, and d) speakers for high school events. If you are ready to add your name and expertise, please log in to your profile now.

Self-Study Guides From NASFAA University: Nine Topics Available!

From Student Eligibility to Return of Title IV Funds, NASFAA's Self-Study Guides are the answer to your training needs. Written for the independent learner, each Self-Study Guide includes multiple lessons with a variety of exercises to reinforce each lesson. You'll do independent study and take quizzes to learn the subject matter. Then you can qualify to take an examination and earn a professional credential. NASFAA University Self-Study Guides are available for purchase in our online store as downloadable PDFs.


ANN-14-09: Online Training Module - Satisfactory Academic Progress

This letter announces the availability of Federal Student Aid’s online training module on satisfactory academic progress (SAP), including resources to help you develop and successfully implement an SAP policy at your school.


National News

Student Loans Can Suddenly Come Due When Co-Signers Die, A Report Finds

"For students who borrow on the private market to pay for school, the death of a parent can come with an unexpected, added blow, a federal watchdog warns. Even borrowers who have good payment records can face sudden demands for full, early repayment of those loans, and can be forced into default," according to The New York Times.

Federal Plans That Forgive Student Debt Skyrocket

"Government officials are trying to rein in increasingly popular federal programs that forgive some student debt, amid rising concerns over the plans' costs and the possibility they could encourage colleges to push tuition even higher," The Wall Street Journal reports.

State News

Colorado Higher-Ed Lessens Plan To Tie Performance To State Funding

"A scaled-back version of a measure to upend Colorado's higher education funding that intended to allow legislators to tie performance to support passed out of the House Monday with more control back in the hands of educators," The Denver Post reports.


Opinion: Student Loan Debt: The Best And Worst Debt To Have

"Student loans are one of the top ways that students pay for college. It's become a fact of life in the American higher education system, but most borrowers don't understand the risks," Robert Farrington writes in a Forbes opinion piece.

Opinion: Does Price Influence College Choice?

"Decision time is here. In 10 days, it will be May 1st, a day that is significant to hundreds of thousands of college applicants for two reasons: it's the day applicants are required to send in their deposit to the college of their choice to keep their place and it's the last day to receive a refund from most schools if a student has made a deposit but changed his or her mind," Lucie Lapovsky writes in a Forbes opinion piece.

Opinion: Do Graduate Students Deserve Dirt-Cheap Loans?

"If you trust the government's accounting (which some don't), the Department of Education is slated to make almost $150 billion over the next 10 years from new direct student lending, before administrative costs. About three-quarters of those profits will come from grad schoolers, even though they only borrow about one-third of all federal loan dollars," Jordan Weissmann writes for Slate.

Blogs and Think Tanks

Sorry Slate, There's Still No Such Thing As Federal Student-Loan Profits

"Slate's Jordan Weissmann, whose work I normally enjoy, has written a column analyzing something that does not exist - namely, the 'profits' earned by the federal government on student loans," Reihan Salam writes in the National Review Online's The Agenda.


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