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NASFAA's 22,000+ members are a key target market for companies like yours. We know that most of our members join NASFAA for the educational opportunities offered at the National Conference, through NASFAA U, and through NASFAA Webinars

Our webinars, which feature experts in the field and experienced NASFAA staff who have worked in financial aid offices around the country, provide in depth coverage of timely topics. Over the past year, registrations ranged from 500-1000+ people per webinar.

Feedback collected on NASFAA's webinars shows that, on average, 97% of respondents had gave positive response to questions such as: Did you find the webinar useful? Did you find the webinar effective? Would you recommend NASFAA webinars to others?

2018-19 NASFAA Webinars Available for Sponsorship

  • Pell Highlights: AskRegs FAQ
    March 13, 2019 - This webinar shares some of the most frequently asked questions about Pell Grants submitted to NASFAA's AskRegs service. This Q&A style format will test your knowledge on many aspects of the Pell Grant Program.
  • Building Bridges to Mitigate Bias
    April 24, 2019 - Issues of cultural and generational differences often cause miscommunication, frustration, and misunderstanding. How can we address these issues in the workplace? This webinar will provide strategies for tackling these often sensitive issues. 
  • Consumer Information Disclosures Highlights: What? When? Who?
    May 15, 2019 - This Q&A webinar is sure to test your knowledge of the consumer disclosure requirements that have generated the most attention and questions over the years. Join NASFAA's Kochie Vaughan as she guides you through this interactive webcast.

Sponsorship Details

  • Sponsor name and logo would be on a slide featured in the introduction of the webinar.
  • Sponsor would be verbally introduced by the presenter, e.g. "We'd like to thank XYZ for sponsoring this webinar. You can learn more about XYZ by clicking the handout icon and reviewing their handout, or you can access their website by clicking their logo on the console page."
  • Verbal "Thank you" from the presenter at end of webinar.
  • Company logo and short company description placed on the NASFAA web page that describes that particular webinar.
  • Company name (not logo) on any emails about that particular webinar: invitation to join, reminders of dates and times, reminders when on-demand version of webinar becomes available.
  • Company name and logo will remain on webinar information web page for duration of "on demand" time frame.
  • The price for sponsorship is $3,000 per webinar.

This opportunity is open to companies that have a product or service for schools, not students. If you are a company that has product for both schools and students, you must use this sponsorship opportunity to promote the product for schools only.

Please contact Mary Nokes with your questions or request for sponsorship.

Publication Date: 12/14/2018

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