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Which Code of Conduct item(s) does the infraction violate?|The five key ethics guidelines are broken into several questions. Please select the most appropriate item(s) that apply to this report.

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‘I attest that all information is correct and truthful to my knowledge. I agree to cooperate in the Code of Conduct enforcement process. I understand that, upon request by the Ethics Commission, I may or may not be asked to provide testimony in the presence of the member against whom the complaint is lodged. I understand that my failure to cooperate in the investigation or hearing may be considered by the Ethics Commission or the hearing panel as grounds to dismiss the complaint. I understand that if I withdraw my complaint, NASFAA may still proceed with an investigation if deemed necessary. I understand that NASFAA may, in its discretion, defer any action on a complaint if a legal proceeding has commenced or is pending with regard to the subject matter of a complaint, or for other pressing circumstances. NASFAA may also, in its discretion, refer matters to federal, state, or local government agencies in appropriate situations.’