Angelika Williams, FAAC® Photo

Angelika Williams, FAAC®

Second Year Representative-at-Large, University of San Francisco

Angelika Williams, FAAC®, is currently the associate vice provost of student financial services at the University of San Francisco. Angelika has also worked as an assistant director of financial aid at Texas State University and as director of scholarships and financial aid at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. She then served as director of financial aid at Howard University before assuming her current role. Angelika has nearly 16 years of experience as a financial aid administrator and an extensive career developing best practices related to Title IV regulations. She began her career as a financial aid consultant with Global Financial Aid Services, where she worked with different colleges and universities to optimize processes from admissions to financial aid, which included focusing on improving student experiences and retention. She has served as a member of NASFAA's Rapid Response Network (2016, 2020, and 2021), Advocacy Pipeline (2018), and National Conference Mentor Task Force (2019). Angelika was also an active member of TASFAA in Texas.

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