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Online ordering for booth location and sponsorship opportunities now available. The 2017 Floor Plan at the San Diego Convention Center offers excellent booth locations for everyone.  If you don’t see the size of the booth you would like, please contact Mary Nokes [email protected] to discuss merging booths. 

Booth Fees

Booth Size Member Rate Non-member Rate

10 x 10 (may purchase multiple)*



20 x 20



20 x 30



*Each 10 x 10 space includes one complimentary registration.

Additional Options

Item Member Rate Non-member Rate Additional Information

Full-page (8 x 10.5) Color Program Inside Ad



Full page, bleed: 8.75 x 10.25

Half-page (8 x 5.25) Color Program Inside Ad



File formats: Adobe InDesign (CS6 or earlier, all fonts and linked files must be included), Adobe PDF, EPS Please note: Trim size: 8.5 x 11, 4/4 Process.

Demonstration Room



 10 x 10 hard-walled room with locking door built within the exhibit hall

New Product Showcase

For all exhibitors, if you have a new product or service that has been launched since the last NASFAA conference, please include a 50-word or less description of your new product or service in the NASFAA Exhibitor’s Corner when completing your other NASFAA required information. NASFAA will include a notation on the conference web site indicating you have a new product and/or service attendees may want to learn about. All products and services must be approved by NASFAA.


View the full terms and conditions. (PDF)


A deposit of $1,500 per booth space and $2,000 for sponsorship is required at the time your order is submitted.  A credit card may be submitted online at the time the order is placed or you may mail a check within 10 business days of submitting your order. If a deposit is not received with 10 business days of the order being placed, your order may be cancelled.


Fifty percent of each booth space and $2,000 of all sponsorships are non-refundable. All cancellations of exhibit space, conference branding and advertising, or sponsorships must be sent, in writing, to NASFAA at [email protected] by 5:00 pm ET on April 11, 2017. No refunds will be given after April 11, 2017. No cancellations for sponsorships or advertisements are accepted regardless of date if materials have already been produced.

Gifts and Giveaways On-site

No gift, giveaway, or raffle item can be valued more than $10.00.

Financial Aid Business Solutions (FABS) Seminars
  • Seminars must be open to all conference attendees.
  • Rooms will be set for maximum capacity, theater size. No changes to the room set are permitted.
  • All requests for specific times will be considered, but NASFAA cannot guarantee that they will be honored.
  • Once the seminar schedule has been distributed, requests for time/room changes cannot be accepted.
  • As a courtesy to those using the room after your session, presenters/moderators must leave the room with all materials within 10 minutes of the session's scheduled end time.
  • A podium microphone, screen and LCD projector is provided by NASFAA. It is the responsibility of the company presenting the seminar to arrange for all other AV equipment.
  • Seminar content may be informational in nature about the company's products or services, but the actual sale of products and/or services is prohibited.
Meetings/Events/Hospitality Suites
  • Company meetings may not be scheduled at times that conflict with any NASFAA Conference activities, with the exception of those companies who purchase a package with a private meeting room.
  • All requests for meeting space are coordinated through NASFAA. Submit any requests you have in writing directly to Jennifer Jackson, NASFAA Director of Meetings & Live Site Events at [email protected].
  • Once approved by NASFAA, all arrangements for the actual meeting, including advance advertising, room set-up, catering in accordance with the established rules, and payment of any charges associated with the function, will be the responsibility of the event host.
Pre-Conference Attendee Registration List
  • List will be sent to sponsors only, however exhibitors can rent the list for use one time only.
  • NASFAA does not provide email addresses.
  • The list shall not, under any circumstances, be disclosed, transferred, duplicated, or altered in any form by photocopying, entering into a database, or duplicating by any other means.
  • NASFAA has the right to monitor the use of the list.
  • Mailer will make no claims that the mailing is in any way endorsed by NASFAA.
Final Conference Attendee Registration List

All sponsors and exhibitors will receive the final  list via email. No email addresses will be included.

Exhibitor Descriptions for Print & Web
  • NASFAA reserves the right to ask any exhibitor to make adjustments to their listing as NASFAA deems necessary.
  • Companies are not permitted to list social events such as receptions or parties on their information page.
  • Sales by authorized representatives of exhibitors are permitted. However, such sales may only include products or services that are normally marketed by the exhibitor's company. NASFAA will assume no liability for any transactions between exhibitors and virtual exhibit hall participants.
  • NASFAA shall be under no liability for its failure, for any cause, to insert a listing or for any error in any listing.
  • NASFAA reserves the right to review and possibly reject all listings.
  • NASFAA does not guarantee any given level of circulation or readership for the virtual trade show.
  • The exhibitor assumes liability for all content, including text and illustrations of published information, and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against NASFAA, including costs associated with defending against such a claim. Exhibitor agrees to hold NASFAA harmless for any claims made against it by reason of exhibitor's advertisement.

Failure to follow the policies above, or other policies listed throughout the exhibitor website, stated or implied, may require a company to remove its exhibit, forfeit contributor privileges and/or have their membership terminated.

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