Call to Action: Tell Congress to Extend the GE/FVT Reporting Deadline

Thank you for your willingness to participate in NASFAA's advocacy campaign to request that Congress take action to require the Department of Education (ED) to delay its institutional reporting requirements for its new Gainful Employment (GE) and Financial Value Transparency (FVT) regulations to July 2025. In light of the unprecedented issues associated with ED's rollout of the 2024-25 FAFSA and the devastating impacts those issues have had on financial aid offices and postsecondary education institutions, this additional delay is crucial. 

This page features resources to assist you in your outreach, instructions on how to contact your representatives, and a sample letter that can be customized with your information and used when you contact your representative.

How to Contact Your Members of Congress 

If you're not sure who your senators and representative are, you can find out by selecting the links below. Phone numbers and links to contact via email can be found on each member's website.

Find Your Senator   |   Find Your Representative

Sample Letter Advocating to Extend the GE/FVT Reporting Deadline

NASFAA has developed a sample letter that you may wish to use to encourage your members of Congress to take action to delay the Gainful Employment and Financial Value Transparency institutional reporting requirements until July 2025. 

View Sample Letter

Customization and Talking Points

We encourage you to customize this letter by including the specific impacts of the FAFSA rollout and GE/FVT reporting on your financial aid office, students, and campus. Additional talking points can also be pulled from NASFAA's letter to House and Senate education committee leadership requesting their assistance securing a delay until July 2025 of the GE/FVT institutional reporting requirements.

We understand that some NASFAA members are not able to participate in our advocacy efforts for a number of reasons, including institutional policies around employee involvement in direct advocacy. We encourage you to connect with the office at your institution that handles government relations to determine if you are able to help with this effort. If you are unable to participate in direct advocacy, we encourage you to ask your government relations office to engage on this important issue.

Publication Date: 6/25/2024

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