Leadership Symposium Excerpt: Strategic Planning, Contingencies, and Pivots


Date Recorded: February 2, 2021
Duration: 90 Minutes
Price: $150.00 for members
$250.00 for Non-members

Challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the fact that higher education institutions are, perhaps, not as nimble as we would have thought. This is particularly true of traditional institutions with high residential populations where faculty typically have long-established teaching methods, administrators are comfortable with current policies and procedures, and parents and students have a set view of what the college experience should be like. When the pandemic hit, schools were forced to shift rapidly to remote teaching and learning environments and  students were told to leave and come back to get their belongings at a date to be determined later. This left school administrators grappling with dozens of unanswered questions...  Will there be tuition refunds? Room and board refunds? Do we have to repackage all financial aid? How do we engage admitted students in ways that continue to make them want to come? How much revenue will the school lose? How does this translate into cost cutting? Will people secure in their positions be laid off? Furloughed? Should we pull from the endowment at a higher rate? This session will take us back to March 2020 when most of our professional lives were upended and we, as leaders, had to shift our thinking, planning, and processing.


Sharon Amundson Shannon Amundson, Panelist
Director of Financial Aid
Colorado College

Dan BarkowitzDaniel Barkowitz, FAAC®, Panelist
Assistant Vice President at Financial Aid and Veterans' Affairs
Valencia College


Brad Pochard Brad Pochard, Panelist
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions
Furman University

Celena Tulloss Celena Tulloss, Panelist
Deputy Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships
University of Tennessee

Forrest Stuart Dr. Forest Stuart, Moderator
Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid
Lafayette College 



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