A Letter to Your Manager - LLCE

Justify your attendance at the NASFAA Leadership Conference by copying and pasting the text below and updating the items in brackets accordingly.



Dear [First Name]:

Keeping up with the ever-changing laws and regulations that govern the Title IV student financial aid programs has become increasingly difficult. With the budget battles in Congress and the increase in audits announced by the U.S. Department of Education, it is vital that we in the financial aid office stay up to date and learn how to implement any changes to the student aid programs so [your institution] remains in compliance. For this reason, I am proposing that I attend the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators' (NASFAA) annual Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo, being held February 4-7, 2024 in Washington, D.C.

The NASFAA Leadership Conference will provide me with valuable, updated information on the student aid programs and, most importantly, how to implement any changes to better serve our students – a vital training and professional development opportunity that cannot be gained anywhere else.

I have identified several key sessions that I will have the opportunity to attend as a participant in the [Pathway Title] Pathway during the conference:

[visit nasfaa.org/Pathways to select sessions]

More than 400 financial aid professionals from across the country attend the NASFAA Leadership Conference each year to grow professionally, network, and hone their leadership skills. In addition to learning from my peers and NASFAA's experts, I will have the opportunity to meet with our state representatives in Congress. I will also have the opportunity to learn about product and software innovations so I can evaluate the state of our current processes, software, and vendors.

For use by FAACs Only: As an FAAC® certified through NASFAA’s Certified Financial Aid Administrator® (CFAA) Program, I am required to earn 60 Recertification Points (RPs) every three years through training and professional development. Attendance at the Leadership Conference will qualify for 8 RPs as an experience that will contribute greatly to my continuing education.

The cost to send me to the conference is:

  • Registration [price]
  • Airfare [price]
  • Hotel [price]
  • Meals [price]
  • Total Cost: [price]

I hope you agree that the NASFAA Leadership Conference is a good investment of time and resources that will benefit the financial aid office, the institution, and our students greatly. I'd like your approval to register today.

Thank you for considering this request.

[Your name]