Betsy DeVos Remains a Blank Slate on Postsecondary Education

"What does the appointment of Betsy DeVos as education secretary mean for higher learning? Both journalists and higher education experts have struggled to answer that question in the wake of the billionaire Republican donor’s razor thin confirmation," GoodCall reports.

"Her record promoting charter schools and subsequent gaffe-filled confirmation hearing set off what could generously be described as a wave of intense panic and outrage among both Democrats and traditional education stakeholders.

The chief obstacle to a clear answer is the more or less total absence of a higher education background or record from which to draw. DeVos made her bones in K-12 education, using both money and influence to push private charter schools and vouchers. But when it comes to higher education, even those who follow Michigan politics closely struggle to name an issue she has supported or opposed.

It is a replay of the 2016 election, when Donald Trump nearly made it through the entire campaign without substantively discussing his higher education views. Now he has a secretary of education who has said even less on the topic."

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Publication Date: 2/17/2017

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