Opinion: What Do We Have to Lose With Federal Education Cuts?

"What do you have to lose? President Trump asked neglected voters the same question at least 100 times down the stretch of the 2016 campaign," The Columbia Daily Herald reports.

"... Pretty effective rhetoric from an outsider who was promising to drain the swamp. In swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, it made a difference.

Now, six months later, we’re finding out the remedy from Trump.

Part of the Republican’s solution for what ails working-class Americans includes deep federal education cuts across the board — $9 billion, in fact, to programs that impact student achievement, graduation rates, college affordability and workforce readiness.

... The Committee for Education Funding pointed out the severity of Trump’s proposed budget cuts in a briefing last week on Capitol Hill in Washington.

In rural cities and towns, federal dollars make the difference in providing specialized help for students and their families. With the average family in southern Middle Tennessee, federal financial aid makes the difference in going to college. Tennessee Promise only pays for two years of tuition.

'The budget would impose devastating cuts to important federal financial aid programs that allow low-income students to attend college and attain their degrees,' said Heather Boutell, director of financial aid at Bellarmine University, Louisville.

What do you have to lose?

The stakes have grown too high in Tennessee to accept such deep cuts. It took generations for the legislature to understand the nasty consequences of poor education. The vicious cycle of poverty has only one cure — better education."

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Publication Date: 7/27/2017

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