California: Loans In A Pinch

"For students who are experiencing difficulty securing funds before the start of the semester, Diablo Valley College may be able to help," the school's student newspaper, The Inquirer, reports.
"The Emergency Loan Program was started several years ago as a way to assist select students who are experiencing a temporary inability to pay tuition, and would otherwise be forced to drop their classes.
Student Services offers a thirty day loan to keep these students enrolled while they wait for other funds to come through. ...
Diablo Valley College is not alone in offering emergency loans. Other universities, such as those in the University of California and California State school systems, have similar programs which attempt to offer relief from the multitude of issues that students face in paying for college.
Due to mistakes made on the free application for Federal Student Aid, known as FAFSA, students can experience significant delays in receiving student aid. The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, or NASFAA, publishes a list of sixteen errors students and parents commonly make while filling out the application which can prevent funds from clearing.
These include using commas or decimal points in numeric fields, and forgetting to properly sign and date the application. ...
To avoid delays and scrambling, NASFAA advises students to apply early and, if possible, to utilize the online application called FAFSA on the Web or FOTW.
'It is easier to complete because it uses skip-logic to only ask relevant questions. In addition, FOTW will be processed faster and will likely be more accurate because the FAFSA website is designed to catch common errors,' states NASFAA.
They also offer a financial aid timeline at their website"
NASFAA's "Headlines" section highlights media coverage of financial aid to help members stay up to date with the latest news. Inclusion in Today's News does not imply endorsement of the material or guarantee the accuracy of information presented.


Publication Date: 9/12/2017

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