Maryland: Ben Jealous Wants Tuition-Free College in Maryland. His Plan Is Like Sanders' 'College For All' Bill

"Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous wants Maryland to become the second state after New York to provide public higher education free of charge," The Washington Post reports.

"Jealous told a group of students and progressive activists gathered Tuesday night at the University of Maryland Baltimore County that he would help pay for the plan by ending mass incarceration.

'College is as important in the 21st century as high school was in the 20th century,' the former NAACP president and tech investor said.

He spoke after the students participated in a virtual town hall hosted by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, who endorsed Jealous’s gubernatorial bid in July, outlined his plan for tuition-free college nationwide in a speech that was broadcast to hundreds of campuses.

Jealous has not estimated how much a Maryland tuition-free state program would cost, how many students would benefit or what type of income-eligibility requirements would be required. 'We’re still looking at those numbers,' he said.

Still, the proposal is likely to help set the tone on college-affordability issues as the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial primary campaign gets underway."

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Publication Date: 10/12/2017

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