Federal Shutdown Won’t Cause Chaos in Higher Ed — Unless It Drags On

"The federal shutdown that began on Friday at midnight will have a minimal effect on higher education — as long as the shop reopens soon, that is," according to The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Republican and Democratic lawmakers worked over the weekend to break the impasse, but The Washington Post reported Sunday night that the Senate had adjourned and that a vote had been postponed until noon on Monday.

Although no new federal dollars can be spent during a shutdown, money that has already been approved — through student-aid programs or research grants, for example — will continue to flow.

'Federal student-aid programs are forward-funded, meaning most of the dollars for award year 2017-18 are already in place,' said a written statement from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

And 'mandatory' programs — those whose funding is controlled by law, not by appropriations — will also continue, the association said. Such programs include the Pell Grant Program and money for federal direct student loans."

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Publication Date: 1/22/2018

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