VERIFY: Can Dreamers in the DMV Apply for In-State Tuition?

"In-state tuition means if you attend a public university in the state where you live, you qualify for reduced tuition. So, what does that mean for undocumented immigrants under DACA? Can you be 'in-state' if your country considers you an outsider?" WUSA9 reports. 

"March 5 marked Pres. Trump's DACA deadline for a deal that came and went without action from Congress.

Many people on social media lobbied leaders to let Dreamers apply for in-state tuition. So, our Verify team dug into the laws to find out whether the DMV allows DACA recipients to apply for in-state tuition.

First, we asked the Department of Education. They said it varies state-by-state.

If a state doesn't establish specific provisions, it's up to each school individually to decide, financial assistance experts at the National Association of Student Financial and Administrators (NASFAA) said.

'While some states have passed policies either granting or denying in-state tuition to undocumented students, many states have not addressed the issue,' said Erin Powers, a spokesperson at NASFAA. 'In states where there are no established provisions, it falls to the college leadership, on a school by school basis, to determine what policies most closely align with their practices, ethics, professional norms, etc.'

Maryland passed the Maryland Dream Act of 2011, which went into effect in the Fall of 2013. The law allows for certain DACA recipients to apply for in-state tuition."

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Publication Date: 3/8/2018

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