Opinion: We Must Increase Our Efforts to Protect Students From 'Predatory Colleges'

"Secretary DeVos has stacked her administration with executives who previously worked at the same schools that reportedly were under investigation," Aaron Ament, former chief of the Department of Education's office of the general counsel under the Obama administration, writes for The Hechinger Report. "At the same time, a recent story in The New York Times suggests a troubling development at the U.S. Department of Education. The Education Department is reportedly dismantling a unit created in 2016 to investigate abuses at predatory and abusive colleges."

"These changes come at a time when things seemed to be improving in the industry, with several for-profit schools voluntarily changing practices, large institutions like Corinthian Colleges Inc. and ITT Technical Institute closing, and several federal and state agencies pushing forward with new investigations.

Nevertheless, because of the long-lasting, negative impact that predatory colleges have had on their students, regulators and enforcement agencies cannot stop, and must increase, their efforts to protect students. The stories we saw during the collapse of Corinthian and ITT Tech are heartbreaking and often involve students in the most vulnerable conditions preyed upon with false promises.


Publication Date: 6/11/2018

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