ED Adjusts FISAP Signature Submission Process

By NASFAA's Training and Regulatory Assistance Team

NASFAA has confirmed with the Department of Education (ED) that the FISAP Signature Page submission process may be slightly different than what some schools are used to. Your school’s CEO is intended to sign a completed, not a draft, FISAP. In the past, the school may have been able to submit the signature page while continuing to complete the FISAP; this year, the COD System is not allowing the signature page to be submitted prematurely. 

COD is working as intended. The school completes the FISAP, corrects all required validation edits, explains any remaining validation edits, and then clicks “Submit” to transmit the FISAP in COD. After submitting the FISAP, the school prints the non-draft signature page, has its CEO sign it, and then mails it to the given address. ED will only accept the printed hard copy signature page with the original CEO signature. NASFAA and ED are aware that the CEO title does not print on the signature page.

Per ED, the signature page without the CEO title will be accepted and not rejected by ED. Remember, the school must submit its 2019–20 FISAP electronically, and mail or hand deliver the signature page by Monday, Oct. 1, 2018. See the July 13, 2018 Electronic Announcement, “Final FISAP Form, Instructions, Desk Reference, and Technical Reference for FISAP due by October 1, 2018,” for more information.


Publication Date: 8/30/2018

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