NASFAA Mention: Campaign Helps Financial Aid Group Show Students Money Is Out There

"Many students have heard that financial aid money is out there, but figuring out how to get it seems more like a mystery for The X-Files than something they can do. That’s why the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators uses February, Financial Aid Awareness Month, to help connect its members with students and demystify the financial aid process," Associations Now reports.

"'The first mistake that a lot of students and families make is thinking that they can’t afford college,' said Allie Bidwell, senior reporter at NASFAA. 'Getting financial aid, whether grants or work study or loans, can make a difference. A lot of families don’t know where to turn to get help.'

This year, for Financial Aid Awareness Month, NASFAA launched a social media campaign designed to get students to connect with local financial aid administrators, who could give them practical information on applying for and getting aid."

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Publication Date: 2/14/2019

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