NASFAA Mention: The College Admissions Process Favors Wealthier Students — Here’s What Their Not-So-Wealthy Peers Can Do About It

"More than half of parents with teenage kids would be willing to donate to a college or university if it helped their child’s chances of gaining admittance, according to a recent Student Loan Hero survey. And almost 1 in 4 of them would hand over as much as $10,000," Student Loan Hero reports

"That might be good news for students whose parents could make such a donation — not to mention paying for other things to help the process, like test prep and tutoring. But what does it mean for families with not-so-deep pockets?

Lower-income and first-generation college students undoubtedly face far more obstacles when it comes to a college admissions process that favors wealthier students.


Offering financial help and taking income disparity into account will open the school to a wider group of prospective students, said Erin Powers, the communications director of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

'Merit-based aid is certainly one of the tools an institution will use in trying to attract talented students and create a diverse student body,' she told Student Loan Hero. 'A robust admissions and enrollment management model will take into account several different factors that try to give a fuller picture of an applicant, rather than solely looking at test scores.'"

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Publication Date: 1/3/2020

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