Trending AskRegs Q&A: Can a FWS Student Work Remotely Due to Coronavirus?

Can a FWS Student Work Remotely Due to Coronavirus?

Yes. There is nothing in the Federal Work-Study (FWS) regulations or the March 5, 2020 Electronic Announcement that would prevent a student from working remotely via telework or telecommuting. However, there could be logistical issues for properly supervising the student’s work. You’ll note that 34 CFR 675.19(b)(2) and 675.20(b)(1) are provisions requiring the proper supervision of the student’s work and certification that the student has worked and earned the FWS amounts he or she is being paid.

You will want to double-check with your human resources department to ensure these students follow all applicable institutional protocols for teleworking, as well as to make sure all federal, state, and local employment conditions are followed.

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Publication Date: 3/16/2020

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