Trending AskRegs Q&A: Will ED Issue FWS Community Service Waivers Due to Coronavirus?

Will ED Issue FWS Community Service Waivers Due to Coronavirus?

Maybe. Currently, there are no modifications to the 7% community service requirement. According to guidance NASFAA has received from the U.S. Department of Education (ED), under the March 5, 2020 Electronic Announcement, students who are unable to continue to work in FWS jobs due to coronavirus interruptions can still be paid FWS. This includes on-campus jobs or off-campus community service jobs that can still be paid and count towards the seven percent.

The seven percent requirement under 34 CFR 675.18(g)(1) is statutory, so ED cannot issue blanket waivers without Congressional intervention. ED can only grant waivers on a school-by-school basis during the annual waiver process (which is closed for the 2019-20 award year). ED has indicated that it may provide additional information about community service waivers in the future, so stay tuned to Today's News.

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Publication Date: 3/16/2020

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