NASFAA Mention: More Than a Million College Students Will be Shut out of Emergency Grant Program

"Congress offered a lifeline to college students facing financial insecurity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but the Trump administration is restricting who can receive help.," The Washington Post reports. 

..."The department said students who have not submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, can still receive grants, but it is requiring colleges to confirm details, such as registration for selective service, that are most readily found on the form.

'I don’t know what school would ever use anything but a FAFSA to be able to say that students meet all of the eligibility requirements outlined in the FAQ,' said Justin Draeger, president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. 'There are a significant number of people who don’t fill out the FAFSA, and those people certainly accrued expenses related to covid disruptions. I don’t see how they’ll qualify.'”

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Publication Date: 4/22/2020

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