PJ Adjustments to EFC Data Elements Must be Submitted to CPS

After making a professional judgment (PJ) adjustment to an expected family contribution (EFC) data element, schools are required to submit the change electronically to the Central Processing System (CPS) via FAA Access to CPS Online or third-party software. This is required regardless of the type of Title IV aid the student is receiving. In FAA Access, "EFC Adjustment Requested" should be selected in the professional judgment field.

In recent school reviews, the Department of Education (ED) has seen a few schools that are submitting their PJ adjustments to the CPS without identifying them as PJ adjustments. This practice makes PJ adjustments indistinguishable from corrections. With the new targeted verification regulations effective for the 2012-13 award year, ED needs to know which changes are corrections so that it can properly identify error-prone data elements.

ED is aware that there is a perception that a school may be targeted for a program review if it performs a high number of PJ adjustments. ED has provided verbal reassurance that the number of PJ adjustments that a school performs is not a factor in its program review selection model. 


Publication Date: 6/1/2011

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