NASFAA Mention: Survey Suggests Increase in Requests to Re-Evaluate Financial Aid

"Results from a survey by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators suggest that financial aid offices are expecting an increase in the number of students and families requesting their financial aid packages be re-evaluated. Respondents include 239 offices at institutions that are members of NASFAA, though the sample is not statistically representative," Inside Higher Ed reports.

"Nearly half of respondents saw an increase this March to May compared to the same period last year in the number of requests that financial aid packages be re-evaluated. Packages are typically decided by a standardized assessment, but when that approach is unsuitable, officers can use their professional judgment to override the standardized approach and revise data elements or cost of attendance. One-fifth of respondents saw an increase of 50 percent or more in the number of requests for re-evaluation."

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Publication Date: 6/12/2020

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