NASFAA Mention: Betsy DeVos is Still Fighting to Exclude DACA Students From Coronavirus Aid

"The Department of Education is continuing its fight to exclude undocumented college students from receiving coronavirus relief grants despite a ruling from a federal court judge Wednesday that temporarily strikes down the agency's policy on funding eligibility," CNN reports.

"The department plans to file an appeal and 'fully expects to prevail,' spokeswoman Angela Morabito said.

The judge's ruling applies only to students at California community colleges, but comes on the heels of a similar, temporary decision from a federal judge in Washington that applies to colleges and universities in that state."

..."According to a survey conducted by National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, most colleges have already disbursed the money to students. But some indicated that unclear guidance from the administration slowed down the process. While the money was allocated in Congress in late March, most schools didn't have the money out until June."

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Publication Date: 6/18/2020

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