NASFAA Mention: Why Are Fewer Students Seeking College Aid? They’re Not Going

"Students are not submitting as many financial aid applications as they typically would this fall because fewer would-be students are attending college — another example of economic fallout from the pandemic, experts say," NerdWallet reports

..."Right now, high schools and colleges would typically host FAFSA completion events, but COVID-19 restrictions mean less in-person help, says Justin Draeger, president and CEO of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

College aid offices are pivoting to virtual events, but Draeger says the lack of in-person attention is proving to be a barrier to students already struggling to complete the FAFSA.

'For some students, it’s the mental complexity associated with the FAFSA. They could do it, but it’s just this one extra step,' Draeger says."

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Publication Date: 10/15/2020

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