NASFAA Mention: Aging Out of Foster Care During COVID-19 Pandemic Brings Additional Challenges

"Fall is Spencer Llewelyn’s favorite season, but the triple-digit October temperatures in Phoenix made it feel like an extension of last year’s blistering summer, the hottest on record. So, on a Wednesday morning, Llewelyn, 19, sat at his desk in the comfort of his air-conditioned bedroom, his right shoulder brushing against a window covered by a sheer white curtain. He looked to it frequently, like he was afraid he might be missing something. It’s the ninth bedroom Llewelyn has called his own since he entered foster care in 2014," Teen Vogue reports.

..."According to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, around 70% of young people who have spent time in foster care aspire to pursue postsecondary education, but the significant barriers they face transitioning to college can often be insurmountable. And that was before the pandemic. 'With the enrollment process during COVID, you couldn’t sit down with an advisor and scribble out numbers, or, you know, actually make a plan,' Llewelyn says. 'I'm someone who likes to plan, who needs physical, tangible things that I can actually sit there and hold and read like pamphlets, so it was really hard to accept that someone sharing [a] screen with me was all we could do.'"

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Publication Date: 2/18/2021

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