NASFAA Mention: Delaware College Using COVID-19 Relief Funds to Forgive Over $700K in Student Debt

"Delaware State University announced it will cancel up to $730,655 in student loan debt for recent graduates who have struggled financially during the COVID-19 pandemic," Fox 5 reports. 

..."The tax measure was adapted from the Student Loan Tax Relief Act spearheaded by Sens. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. On March 6, Warren tweeted, 'This clears the way for President Biden to #CancelStudentDebt without burdening student borrowers with thousands of dollars in unexpected taxes.'

Experts say the tax relief measure could do just that.

'Given the context and all the discussions about loan forgiveness, I think it’s likely that this is a nod from Congress to open up this door,' says Megan Coval, vice president of policy and federal relations at National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators."

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Publication Date: 5/15/2021

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