Free Community College is Out of Biden's Plan, but a Bigger Pell Grant Could Still Help Cut Costs

"President Joe Biden's plan to make tuition free at community colleges is unlikely to make it into the final bill to expand the nation's social safety net. But boosting the federal Pell grant is still on the table and could have a big impact for low-income students," CNN reports.

..."But the Pell grant amount, which is set by Congress on an annual basis, covers a smaller portion of the cost of college than it once did. The annual increase has ranged between $100 and $175 over the past five years.

'We are thankful for any increase,' said Karen McCarthy, vice president of public policy and federal relations at the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. The group is calling on Congress to double the Pell grant.
'But even with these small increases year over year, the maximum Pell grant award doesn't have nearly the buying power it did when it was created,' she added."
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Publication Date: 10/24/2021

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