Opposition to For-Profit Exclusion From Pell Increase Continues

"A long-awaited increase to the maximum Pell Grant was passed by the House of Representatives Friday, but with a catch—it will only be available to students attending nonprofit institutions. The provision has raised questions about the appropriate way to hold for-profit colleges accountable, as 17 House Democrats publicly opposed the exclusion ahead of the legislation’s final vote," Inside Higher Ed reports. 

..."The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, or NASFAA, has raised concerns about the provision from an administrative perspective, with President and CEO Justin Draeger noting that the change would add greater complexity to a financial aid system that advocates, lawmakers and policy makers have been working for years to simplify.

'There are all sorts of questions about it,' Draeger told Inside Higher Ed. 'What about future increases through appropriations? Would you sometimes have restricted increases and sometimes not have restricted increases? If the idea is we’re going to tell students and families how much they qualify for in Pell Grants nearly at the time they file their taxes, creating different Pell schedules takes us a step away from that.'"

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Publication Date: 11/22/2021

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