Shawn Vestal: College Costs Are Still Sky High, But The Debt Picture Is Improving — At Least A Bit

"One of the most important trends of our college cost crisis is one of the least-known. It’s getting better. A little, tiny, eensy-weensy bit better. Costs are rising slowly, not shooting through the roof. The pernicious cycle of student loans – the intergenerational screw-job we hand down to young people – has eased, with an increase in grant aid and a reduction in borrowing over the past decade. And various grant and scholarship programs that have sprung up in answer to the escalating cost of college have grown dramatically," The Spokesman-Review writes

... "The National Association of Student Financial Aid notes that the maximum Pell Grant in 1975-76 covered more than three-quarters of the cost of attending a public four-year college. In 2020-21, the maximum Pell Grant of $6,495 covered 26% of that cost."

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Publication Date: 9/11/2022

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