Natural Disaster Guidance and Regulatory Relief

NASFAA would like to remind schools in the areas affected by natural disasters about existing guidance regarding the impact of a "major disaster" on the administration of the Title IV student assistance programs.

Dear Colleague Letter GEN-17-08 and its attachment are intended to help Title IV student financial aid recipients and their families who are affected by a federally declared major disaster. In addition, certain individuals may qualify for assistance through updated waivers and modifications to statutory and regulatory provisions within the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act.

We’ve watched with sadness the devastation caused by storms that tore through the U.S. and its territories, most especially in Puerto Rico, and continue to follow developments in the Florida region with the impending landfall of Hurricane Ian. To those directly affected, the NASFAA staff and our Board of Directors send you our thoughts and prayers for your safety and well-being.


Publication Date: 9/29/2022

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