How Students Spent More Than $30 Billion in Federal COVID Aid

“Let’s talk about financial aid, COVID financial aid for students,” BRN AM reported in a segment with NASFAA’s senior policy analyst, Jill Desjean. “Because thinking back to the pandemic it wasn’t just businesses it wasn’t just individuals suffering from COVID that needed support it was also students in college and university. So tell me how did the federal government respond and what were some of the total numbers when it came to supporting higher education students?”

“As you mentioned the beginning of the COVID pandemic, especially, but certainly the whole time was a time of tremendous disruption on campuses. Across the U.S. colleges and students really had to  pivot a lot had to leave campuses, had to transition to distance learning, had to have an experience that they hadn’t really signed up for on all parts,” Desjean said.

“Early in the pandemic Congress recognized the need for funding to help out nation deal with the impact of coronavirus. They passed the CARES Act which among many things included funding for colleges and universities and their students to help them deal with all of these disruptions that were caused by the pandemic."

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Publication Date: 10/18/2022

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