GAO Blasts Colleges on Aid Offers

"One of the most important steps when a student is choosing a college is knowing they have access to enough money to pay for it. But a new report from the Government Accountability Office blasted most colleges for failing to tell students how much the education will actually cost them," Inside Higher Ed reports.

..."The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators also endorsed the report. Justin Draeger, president, issued this statement: 'Students and families need clear and understandable financial aid information in order to make wise college-going decisions. The GAO report released today—in which NASFAA participated—highlights the ways schools are falling short in communicating college costs to students.'

Draeger added, 'There have also been efforts at the federal level to address this issue through legislation, including legislation that NASFAA has supported. But the higher education community has the capability to make change now. We look forward to working with schools, stakeholders, and our federal partners to help students and families better understand the cost of college today.'"

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Publication Date: 12/6/2022

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