Supreme Court’s College-Admissions Decision Could Undermine Race-Based Scholarships and Financial Aid

"The affirmative action cases the Supreme Court decided on Thursday were focused on admissions practices at selective universities. But the court’s decision could have implications for how colleges of all types approach financial aid," MarketWatch reports.

..."In the months leading up to the decision, many colleges have been scrutinizing their scholarship programs, including those completely controlled by the school and those endowed through donors, to determine whether they may be affected by a curtailing of race-based admissions policies, said Justin Draeger, the president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.  

As they look at these programs, colleges are “trying to balance the missions and values of their institutions and being fully compliant with the law as determined by the Supreme Court,” Draeger said. 'They’ll need to be doing risk assessments.'  

'There will still be unanswered questions about where exactly some of these lines are,' he added."

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Publication Date: 6/29/2023

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