High School Seniors Face Delay in FAFSA Application Process

"High school seniors preparing to embark on their college journeys will have to exercise patience this year as they await the opportunity to apply for federal student aid. The delay in the application timeline is attributed to the Department of Education's commitment to simplifying the application process and ensuring greater accessibility for families," WKOW reports.

... "'It will be important that families complete their FAFSA as soon as it's available. But I don't think they need to worry if they are doing it within the first couple of weeks after it becomes available—they don't need to worry about missing college deadlines,' said Jill Desjean, Senior Policy Analyst with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)."

"Jill Desjean elaborated on this aspect, stating, 'All those income questions that were the hardest ones to answer, the ones that trip people up the most, won't be presented to anyone anymore.'"

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Publication Date: 9/27/2023

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