Episode 129: DeVos Takes the Stand for Borrower Defense and the FUTURE Act Advances

This week on “Off The Cuff,” Justin, Megan, Jill, and Allie delve into a House hearing featuring Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on the status of outstanding borrower defense cases. First, at 7:45, Allie recaps a new methodology DeVos announced this week for calculating partial relief for students seeking forgiveness under the regulations, and why higher education experts were quick to denounce it. Following a discussion about DeVos’ new plans and testimony on the Hill, at 28:16 Megan shares promising news about the Fostering Undergraduate Talent by Unlocking Resources for Education (FUTURE) Act. Finally, at 34:57 Jill dives into proposed rules for the TEACH Grant program and faith-based entities for which the Department of Education (ED) is seeking public comment. Plus, the team poses a new question to listeners: What is the one luxury that you indulge in once in a while? Tune in next week for a special episode in which Justin dives into DeVos’ new methodology for debt relief with Ben Miller of the Center for American Progress.


Justin Draeger Megan Coval Allie Bidwell Jill Desjean
Justin Draeger
President & CEO

Megan Coval
Vice President, Policy & Federal Relations
Allie Bidwell Arcese
Managing Editor

Jill Desjean
Policy Analyst


Publication Date: 12/13/2019

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