Episode 160: Kicking Off NASFAA's FAFSA Paper Series

On a special episode of “Off the Cuff,” Megan is joined by Sandy Baum from the Urban Institute and Lauren Walizer from the Center for Law and Social Policy to discuss their contributions to NASFAA’s series of 10 papers that provide policy recommendations to help streamline the FAFSA. Lauren discusses her paper — co-authored by Elizabeth Lower-Basch — that analyzes the impact of using public benefits to reduce paperwork for students completing the FAFSA and how it would maximize financial aid. Sandy gives an overview of her three papers in the series, which detail the current methodology used to measure a family’s ability to contribute toward educational expenses and reviews the various methods proposed to simplify the FAFSA. The two also gave their answers to what the perfect FAFSA looks like. Keep an eye out for more special episodes from our FAFSA paper series throughout the month of August!


Megan Coval

Sandy Baum Lauren Walizer
Megan Coval
Vice President, Policy & Federal Relations, NASFAA
Sandy Baum
Senior Fellow, Urban Institute

Lauren Walizer
Senior Policy Analyst, CLASP


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Publication Date: 8/7/2020

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