Episode 163: Moving Toward the FAFSA of the Future

In a special episode of "Off The Cuff" featuring authors from NASFAA's recent 10-paper series on simplifying and improving the FAFSA, Justin speaks with Ben Miller of the Center for American Progress, Jen Mishory of The Century Foundation, and Robert Kelchen of Seton Hall University. With the FAFSA's 30th "birthday" approaching in 2022, the group discusses how the application can be adjusted to fulfill its original purpose — streamlining the application for federal aid — how it would fit in a world with free college, and how it can better reflect the true need of applicants by allowing for a negative expected family contribution. Be sure to read all of the 10 papers in the series, and send us your questions, comments, and feedback for when we return with regularly scheduled episodes in September!


Justin Draeger

Rob Kelshen Ben Miller Jen Mishory

Justin Draeger
President & CEO, NASFAA

Rob Kelchen
Associate Professor of Higher Education, Seton Hall University

Ben Miller
Vice President of Postsecondary Education, Center for American Progress

Jen Mishory
Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation


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Publication Date: 8/28/2020

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