Episode 183: All Things Student Loan Forgiveness: Will It Happen? How Will It Happen? And Who’s Going to Do It?

This week on a special edition of "Off The Cuff," Justin is joined by three higher education experts who discuss all things regarding student loan forgiveness. Our guests — Tamara Hiler of Third Way, Preston Cooper of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, and Persis Yu of the National Consumer Law Center — share their opinions on how much, if any, student loan debt should be forgiven, as well as who it should be targeted toward. President Joe Biden signaled a willingness to tackle student loan debt as a part of efforts to combat the ongoing pandemic, but recently panned the prospect of using executive action to provide $50,000 in forgiveness to each borrower, as proposed by a number of congressional Democrats. Justin asks each guest who wins and loses if various proposals are adopted, and how to equitably implement such policies. The guests dissect the main benefits of widespread debt forgiveness and what should happen with the students who will take on loans again next year. Plus, Justin wants to know: In the guests’ vision of the future, what will the federal student loan landscape look like?


Justin Draeger Persis Yu Tamara Hiler Preston Cooper
Justin Draeger
President & CEO, NASFAA

Persis Yu
Director, National Consumer Law Center's Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project
Tamara Hiler
Director of Education, Third Way

Preston Cooper
Visiting Fellow (Higher Education), The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity


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Publication Date: 2/18/2021

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