OTC Inside the Beltway: Political Predictions for Higher Ed in 2022

This week on "Off The Cuff," Justin and Karen are joined by Jon Fansmith, the American Council on Education's assistant vice president for government relations, to dive into their predictions concerning higher education’s political landscape for 2022. The group covers Build Back Better’s pathway, congressional dynamics on spending bills, the pandemic’s continued impact on higher education, the potential wind-down of the federal student loan moratorium, and more. Hugh also provides an update on congressional Republicans’ efforts to question the Department of Education on its usage of temporary waivers for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, a recap of NASFAA’s article detailing financial aid staffing shortages, as well as a quick resource update on next week’s negotiated rulemaking session. 


Justin Draeger Karen McCarthy Hugh Ferguson Jonathan Fansmith
Justin Draeger
President and CEO, NASFAA
Karen McCarthy
Vice President, NASFAA
Hugh Ferguson
Reporter, NASFAA

Jonathan Fansmith
Assistant Vice President, ACE


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Publication Date: 1/14/2022

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