OTC Inside the Beltway: Legal Challenges Look to Create Roadblocks for Debt Cancellation

This week on "Off The Cuff," Justin and Karen are joined by Jon Fansmith, the American Council on Education's assistant vice president for government relations, to discuss the Department of Education’s planned rollout of student loan debt cancellation, lawsuits looking to halt the action, and what we expect to happen next. The discussion then turned to what implications the upcoming midterm elections could have on higher education. Hugh then updates listeners on the latest news, including a potential state tax on student loan cancellation and the newly released cohort default rate for fiscal year 2019.


Justin Draeger Karen McCarthy Hugh Ferguson Jonathan Fansmith
Justin Draeger
President and CEO, NASFAA
Karen McCarthy
Vice President, NASFAA
Hugh Ferguson
Senior Reporter / Podcast Producer
Jonathan Fansmith
Assistant Vice President, ACE


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Publication Date: 10/7/2022

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