OTC AskRegs Experts: FAFSA Simplification and Debt Cancellation — ED’s Dueling Priorities

This week on "Off the Cuff," Justin, Jill, and David discuss the rollout of FAFSA simplification provisions and the basics surrounding the administration’s debt cancellation application. Jill details the Department of Education’s (ED) planned delays, as well as an updated timeline for the FAFSA simplification process as outlined in the 2022 Consolidated Appropriations Act, and David runs through a number of questions his team has been seeing since President Joe Biden formally launched the form that borrowers can use to apply for student loan cancellation. Hugh then shares some recent news of FAFSA data and what the Today’s News team will be looking out for as the administration begins to process debt cancellation applications. 


Justin Draeger Jill Desjean David Tolman
Justin Draeger
President and CEO

Jill Desjean
Senior Policy Analyst

David Tolman
Instructional Design & Content Specialist 
Hugh Ferguson
Senior Reporter / Podcast Producer

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Publication Date: 10/21/2022

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