OTC AskRegs Experts: Hey ChatGPT, Can You Draft This Week’s Podcast Title?

This week on "Off the Cuff," Justin, Jill, and David put the latest artificial intelligence (AI) software to the test and cover the nuance of “unusual circumstances” for FAFSA simplification. Jill kicked things off with a recap of how ChatGPT, a chatbot that can be used for natural dialogue processing, fared in answering a number of financial aid-related questions. David covers the difference between special and unusual circumstances and how it relates to FAFSA simplification. Hugh then caught members up on some of the latest news surrounding student loan debt cancellation, the implementation of a new enrollment management system at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and some legislative action on Capitol Hill.


Justin Draeger Jill Desjean David Tolman
Justin Draeger
President and CEO

Jill Desjean
Senior Policy Analyst

David Tolman
Instructional Design & Content Specialist 
Hugh Ferguson
Senior Reporter / Podcast Producer

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Publication Date: 1/20/2023

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