OTC AskRegs Experts: HEERF Updates and Institutional Preparations for the 2022-23 Award Year

This week on "Off the Cuff," Justin is joined by NASFAA Senior Policy Analyst Jill Desjean and NASFAA U Instructor David Tolman, who give listeners an update on a number of regulatory issues. Jill and David provide insight on some questions from NASFAA members concerning the HEERF annual reporting form, regulatory assistance issues concerning institutions packaging  students for 2022-23 award year, setting costs of attendance, and preparations for tuition and assistance for the upcoming academic year. Hugh then provides a quick recap on some of the biggest higher education news of the week, with highlights from the Department of Education’s ongoing negotiated rulemaking sessions, updates on issues concerning the student loan portfolio, higher education enrollment trends, and more. 


Justin Draeger Jill Desjean David Tolman
Justin Draeger
President and CEO

Jill Desjean
Senior Policy Analyst

David Tolman
Instructional Design & Content Specialist 
Hugh Ferguson


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Publication Date: 1/21/2022

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