Overview of Financial Aid Programs: 2023-24

2023-24 Overview of the Financial Aid Programs SSG

This guide introduces the federal student aid programs, providing information on the Title IV programs, state aid, the Health and Human Services (HHS) programs, and other sources of financial assistance.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Financial Aid 

  • Understand what is financial aid;
  • Understand the categories and types of financial aid
  • Recognize and understand the common sources and types of financial aid; and
  • Know the definitions of financial need and Title IV academic year.

Lesson 2: The Title IV Grant Programs 

  • Identify the Title IV grant programs;
  • Know the purpose of each grant program;
  • Understand program- specific eligibility criteria for each grant; and
  • Understand the role the expected family contribution (EFC) plays in determining eligibility for each grant.

Lesson 3: Title IV Self-Help Programs 

  • Identify the Title IV self- help programs and their features;
  • Recognize the purpose of loan programs versus employment programs; and
  • Understand the eligibility criteria for each program.

Lesson 4: Other Assistance Programs 

  • Recognize other assistance programs; and
  • Identify assistance programs for the health professions
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